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Training Resources

Leadership Academy Jr Leadership Training Academy
Boys attend these camps to earn the Academy Saber.
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Adult Training Rangers Ministry Academy
Training on how to run Rangers at your church.
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FCF Frontiersman Camping Fellowship
Frontiersman adventures for boys and men.
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Quick Links to Camps

All camp registration is now available online. Once you have set up an account, you can click "Add Program" from your dashboard to select all the camps you'd like to sign up for.

/Summer Camp, June 22
For Rangers 3rd Grade and older. Younger boys attend Ranger Kids Family Camp.
/Kids Camp, July 21
This camp is intended for Ranger Kids (Entering Kindergarten, through 3rd grade in Fall, 2017) and their families. Older Rangers are encouraged to attend as helpers.
/Academy Camp, August 10
For Backpacking, Canoeing & Elite. Young men 11+ are encouraged to join the Junior Leadership Training Academy. Once he has competed his two Leadership camps plus three Advanced camps of his choice, he will be awarded an Academy Saber and inducted into the Ranger Elite.
/Wilderness Survival (Men 18+), August 9
NEW this year, this Academy camp will be closed to boys, but open to men 18 and older.
/FCF Fall Trace, September 29
FCF members enjoy fellowship and the mighty presence of God around campfire services after a long day of competitions and training. Advancement at the Saturday night Council Fire.
/Winter Survival, January 2018
Guys love to be wild and adventurous. But before they are fully equipped to tackle the winter elements they first have to be trained to survive in extreme conditions.
/FCF Family Camp, May 2018
Build lifelong friendships as you spend Memorial Day weekend living like a frontiersman in the late 1700's! Allow us to host you and your family as we provide you with a fully-immersive old-world experience packed with games, competitions and unforgettable fellowship.
/Rangers Training Camp, March 2018
Boys 9 to 11 will gain confidence in camping skills, learn how to work as a patrol and rely on the unique abilities of every individual in the team. This event is jam-packed with leadership skill tests, fun and games, and team building activities.
/LeaderCon17, April 2018
LeaderCon17, April 2018
Every year, our adult leaders (and their families) join together to collaborate, learn and recognize what God has done through the Royal Rangers ministry in our local churches over the past year. Attendees leave inspired and full of new ideas. Conference is followed by Academy Banquet.
/Frontier Adventure, May 2018
This camp counts towards the Academy Saber and is the entry level to FCF. Food and equipment is provided for for all Candidates and those who with to advance to the next level in Frontiersman Camping.

Next Big Event

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Camp Wilderness, Waupaca

- Guys 11 and older
- Learn to be a leader
- Overnight campouts, no adults needed!
- Outdoor skills training like cooking on an open fire
- Lash your own camping gadgets
- Make buddies for life

Welcome to the Academy of Men.

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At eleven, a Ranger is ready to start an adventure in leadership that will equip him for lifelong ministry. By joining the Junior Leadership Training Academy, he will embark on a journey that will teach him the outdoor and leadership skills necessary to equip him for Academy Adventure camps that will test his ability and endurance.

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Camp Wilderness, Waupaca

- Guys 12 and older
- Experience the power of a team
- Build a rope bridge
- Construct a 30ft tower
- Fly along a zip line

Leadership in Action.

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The Ranger has to start with Junior Training Camp (JTC).

One year later, he will return to the Academy to complete Advanced Junior Training Camp (AJTC) where the emphasis is on teamwork. Together, the Rangers will build a 30-foot tower, rope bridge and zip line. Techniques in Pioneering and Orienteering are also taught to prepare him for the Adventure camps.

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Camp Wilderness, Waupaca

- AJTC graduates
- Over 9 miles of exhilarating adventure
- Map your course, prep your own food
- Camp along the trail

Trek Through the Wilderness.

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Backpacking Adventure CAMP

Backpacking is a challenging yet highly rewarding experience. Essentials of hiking – including equipment, first aid, cooking, navigation and how to pack a backpack are covered before you hit the nine-mile trail for a two-day backpacking adventure. You will carry all your gear in backpacks, filter all your drinking water and cook freeze-dried food over backpacking stoves.

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Camp Wilderness, Waupaca

- AJTC graduates
- Camp along the river
- Stunning scenery

Explore the Mecan River

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Canoeing Adventure CAMP

There's nothing like the freedom of gliding across the open waters in your canoe packed with food and supplies to last you for the two days it will take to complete this adventure.

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Camp Wilderness, Waupaca

- AJTC Graduates
- One survival kit
- Two guys
- Three days
- Survive!

Only one requirement: Survive.

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Survival Adventure CAMP

This adventure is not for the feint-hearted. In fact, most guys complete this camp last to be sure they are fully prepared for the challenge of living off the land for three days. You will build your own shelter, trap your own food and filter your water as you experience survival in the wilderness.

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These are Saber Camps

Once the Ranger has completed five Academy Camps he may be invited to serve on Elite Staff at one of the camps. This completes the requirements for earning the coveted Academy Saber, which is awarded at a formal ceremony attended by parents and Rangers across the district.

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Adopting a growth mentality.
For seventeen years I had the privilege of leading Royal Rangers in the three churches where I was pastor. Families were added to our church as their boys became a part of this ministry and their parents followed.
David Boyd
National Boys & Girls Missionary Challenge Director
Rangers made a difference in Robert.
My son Robert has Down Syndrome, but that is not what defines him. He has earned his GMA and has graduated from the Leadership Training Academy. He is currently serving with me in Discovery Rangers as a junior leader. I cannot begin to express what an important role Royal Rangers has been on his development and self worth. What an awesome ministry!
Bruce Witt
Effective outreach.
What if our traditional church reached out in untraditional ways? Central AG in Springfield, MO has been doing just that. Using Royal Rangers, the church has reached out to the public schools in the area using Ranger Derby and bicycle give-aways to minister to hundreds of children who don't even attend their church.
Springfield, MO
After school.
What if education moved beyond books and into life? In Camden, NJ, the murder capital of the United States, a group of Royal Rangers are partnering with a charter school to change the lives of its students. Utilizing Royal Rangers as an after school program, dozens of boys are being ministered to as their behavior and grades improve while Christ begins to reign in their lives.
Camden, NJ
Gaining a father.
What if the fatherless gained a father? The Rock Family Worship Center in Huntsville, AL have been using Royal Rangers as an outreach to the disenfranchised communities in the area. Every Tuesday night they bus in over 80 boys from low-income government housing neighborhoods, feed them, and teach them how to be godly men. On Wednesday nights they offer Royal Rangers to their regular attendees.

Our Mission


In a fun, mentoring environment where boys grow healthy–physically, mentally & spiritually.


Men teach and model the enduring principles of what it takes to be a godly man today.


A boy-led, adult facilitated ministry where boys learn to be more Christ-dependent and others-centered.