Registering for any district camp just got a whole lot easier!

  • Set up an account for your family. All your camp info and forms are saved in one convenient place!
  • Fill out your medical forms once, and you're set. Of course, you can go back and edit your information at any time.
  • Enroll in the camps your family members plan to attend and we'll hold a space for you. Pay for events individually or all at once whenever you're ready. (Of course, we require at least partial payment before you're considered registered for camp).
  • When you enroll, your Outpost is notified. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need registration reports emailed to your outpost.
  • Leaders, if you're serving on staff at a camp, get with the comp coordinator. He may have a discount code for you.

Ready to get started?

Click To Register For Any Camp

If you're still a little unsure, here are more detailed instructions:

How to register online:

  1. Registrations are completed by adults—either leaders registering themselves or parents registering their child/children.
  2. At the link above go to the event information for the camp of your choice and click on the words REGISTER NOW.
  3. Create an identity—username and password—and write it down or record it (or allow your browser to remember it). You will be able to use this same identity to register for other camp-related district events.
  4. After completing identity information, you will be re-routed to your DASHBOARD, a one-page summary of your information.
  5. LEADERS: Create your identity (#3), then register yourself as a camper. Continue through the camper process described in #6 for parents.
  6. PARENTS: To enter your child, look for the Camper section on the left side of the Dashboard, then click on ADD CAMPER at the bottom of the Camper section. Proceed through the screens by entering requested information and clicking on SAVE/NEXT at the bottom of each screen. No camps at Royal Rangers are allowing Group Hold—when you reach the Group Hold screen just click on SAVE/NEXT at the bottom to advance to the next screen.
  7. The next screen shows camps that are open as determined by grade for campers or by age for cabin leaders. Click on the box to the left of your camp, then click on SAVE/NEXT and continue through following screens. If you enter information but do not make payment, the camper status is “Enrolled”, but registration is not final. After all required information is entered and you have paid the full fee the camper status changes to “Registered”.
  8. If the processing logo does not stop spinning or if you are confused at any point…
  9. Close the window
  10. Link to registration again
  11. Log back in to your identity. Information you entered is retained and you can continue registration. On the Dashboard the dropdown in the Camper square lists each camper associated with you as parent. If you are making payment or completing information, be sure that the correct camper is selected in the Camper square.
  12. Before you leave the site, double-check that all forms are complete. Choose each camper in the dropdown of the Camper section. Look for anything that appears in RED when each name comes up—this indicates that required information has not been completed for that camper.


Under the Notices section or Forms section a link to incomplete forms may appear.

Click on either area and you will be linked to areas missing required information.

IMPORTANT! Until campers are paid in full or the minimum non-refundable deposit has been paid, they will be listed as Enrolled. In this registration system “Enrolled” is a temporary status.

  • The ENROLLED camper does not have a reserved spot.
  • Camper is not registered until payment has been made.
  • Look on the Dashboard for the payment area and click on the Make Payment button.
  • When payment is complete you will see on the Dashboard that the camper status changes from Enrolled to REGISTERED.

The software company sponsors a registration help line: 866-433-4548.