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Summer has never been more fun!

Leadership merits are taught at the Outpost, but it is only through practical application with their peers that boys truly grasp these concepts. That is why the District offers various camping and outdoor adventures throughout the year to challenge the boys to learn self-worth and the benefits of teamwork.

Ranger Kids Family Camp
Ranger Kids and their families tent camp together at Camp Wilderness every summer. Days are jam-packed with games and activities kids love and we all get together in the outdoor amphitheater in the evenings for kids worship time. Open to all church families.
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All Boy's Summer Camp
If you like to build lifelong friendships with boys and men that love God, this camp is for you. Tent camp with your Outpost and join in the fun games and sports activities run by the district staff. Boys don't have to be in Rangers to attend.
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Adventure camps let you test your ability

JTC + AJTC + 3 Adventure Camps = Academy Saber.

Ranger Training Camp - for 5th graders RTC
Learn to use the Patrol System effectively at this fun, interactive camp. This is not a required camp, but earns you the right to add the RTC Tassel to your Saber.
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Junior Training Camp - Required JTC
First level required camp where you learn your role in leading ministry in your church through arts, drama and forming lifelong friendships.
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Advanced Jr Training Camp (Required) AJTC
For JTC graduates. This is a second level required camp where you will discover your role in leadership of your outpost, church and community.
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Winter Survival Adventure Camp - Elective WSAC
For AJTC graduates. After instruction on outdoor survival you and your patrol will begin constructing an outdoor shelter or igloo to sleep in.
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Backpacking Adventure Camp - Elective BAC
Optional elective camp for AJTC graduates. Hit the nine-mile trail for a two-day backpacking adventure in the woods as you learn new skills on the way.
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Survival Adventure Camp - Elective SAC
Optional elective for AJTC graduates. Enjoy the challenge of living off the land for three days as you build your own shelter, trap your own food and filter your water.
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Canoe Adventure Camp - Elective CAC
Optional elective for AJTC graduates. There's nothing like the freedom of gliding across the open waters in your canoe packed with food and supplies for three days.
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Frontier Adventure Camp - Elective FCF Intro
This 1800's adventure is required for men or boys to join the Frontiersman Camping Fellowship. Primitive fire starting, tomahawk and knife throwing included.
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Jr Elite Training - Staff training Elite
For Academy graduates to complete their leadership training, candidates assist in running the Academy and help mentor younger academy campers.
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Shooting Sports Adventure Camp SSAC
Optional elective camp for AJTC graduates. Get your Hunter Safety before camp and compete in various shooting sports disciplines with your peers.


Men and boys can join the fellowship.

The American frontiersman is an excellent example of man’s ability to adapt to the outdoors and the wilderness. At eleven, a boy was considered a man and his achievements were an example of courage and sheer determination. As a member of FCF, you will enjoy a bond stronger than any other friendship as you share your experiences with other mountain men on the frontier. During our period-correct camps you will live like a frontiersman, getting by using only the tools and equipment available between 1750 and 1850 – just like the Old Timers did.

Make gear & outfits Provisions Weekend
Rendezvous with fellow frontiersman as you prepare for the upcoming summer adventure camps. A great place to learn a trade or prepare for advancement.
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Move to Buckskin/Wilderness level Advancement Camp
This camp runs at the same time as the Frontier Adventure Camp. Learn new skills, turn in your workbook and get tested to move up the ranks in FCF.
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All church families welcome FCF Family Campout
FCF members, invite your families to enjoy the frontier camping experience with us over Memorial Day weekend. Modern camping is also welcome.
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Fellowship and compete Fall Trace/ Graduation
Attend this relaxed camping experience where you will compete with other FCF members for amazing prizes and enjoy incredible fellowship with God.
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Commander Training
Church leadership believes that well trained leaders are the key to any ministry's success. Pastors understand that a trained volunteer is much more likely to commit their time and can be counted on to show up every week. For these reasons, and others, the Royal Rangers program places a high priority on leader training.