All-boys Camp
Fri, June 21 to Sun, June 23, 2019 @ Camp Wilderness

All boys grades 3- High School are welcome (invite your friends)

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Pastor Reference for Men

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Summer Camp now open to All Boys!

Arrive Thursday for early setup. Activities start 10am Friday. Camp ends after 9am Service on Sunday 

Outposts download the camp packet and Poster via the link in the banner. Ask your Commander for details on the camp he is planning for you.

  • For ALL boys 3rd Grade and older. You don't have to be in Rangers so invite your friends.
  • All events are organized by camp staff, but run by individual outposts, download the camp packet via the link in the header above for details.

  • All men 18 and older have to have their pastor's approval to camp. A link to that form is provided in the header
  • The camp concession stand will also be available. All proceeds go to support City on a Hill Rangers

  • Outposts provide their own transport, camping gear and food but we can help with that! 

  • Camp in the site allocated to your Outpost during Camp Work Days.

  • Camp Commander Matt Golie's contact information is at the bottom of this page.


A note to Pastors and Commanders:

Ranger camps provide an opportunity for the boys to experience numerous unique outdoor activities and to apply the skills that they have learned to prepare them to be lifelong Christian leaders.

The activities draw the boys to camps, but the real purpose is that they are able to connect with God in a very special way in the great outdoors, under His canopy.
After an exciting day of playing and boys being boys; a special time after service is devoted for the guys to reflect on their spiritual growth; further strengthening the bond between them and their leaders.

The boys are the future men in our Christian community. It is at these camps that they develop lifelong relationships with other Christians in the District, encouraging and praying for one another through their life journey. And we have extended this invitation for 'All Boys' to attend this camp, which means that the Rangers can invite their friends to connect with new families.

Additionally, the attendance of our District Pastors means a lot to the men that are in Rangers. It makes a statement that the work that you are involved in is important to our church; and we appreciate you. You get to see boys in their natural habitat – we have lots of open space for them to move in – a reminder of the nature of boys; and the way that Rangers serves to fulfill their needs.

As a leader you will have an opportunity to interact with these young men in a way that no other venue offers. You will be challenged to shoot archery; whittle a craft; go tubing; or other competitive activity that boys love – the best way to build a lasting relationship with the boys you mentor.

If your schedule doesn’t allow you enough time to camp, your attendance as a visitor provides additional encouragement for the boys to go forward to the altar at the evening services. It says that “you (boys and men) are important to me”. Although the camp has many activities that attract the boys; at its heart is an opportunity to move their spiritual growth to the next step. During services, they are given the opportunity for Salvation & Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

The presence of a boy’s Pastor and/or Commander at the evening service; bolstered by the encouragement from the day’s activities may instill the courage for the boy to boldly go forward, knowing that you are there to follow up and support him.

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Lifelong Friendships
FCF Village
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Countdown to camp

Registration closes two weeks prior.

General Camping FAQ's

In our experience it is best for parents not to contact campers during camp as this may trigger emotions that make then homesick. In case of emergencies only, you can call the camp office at 715.258.8420. Also try your Outpost Leader’s cell number, but reception is highly unreliable in the camp area.

Although very seldom, accidents do happen. Minor incidents will be treated by staff with American Red Cross training in first aid. All campers have to turn in medical information with their registration that allows camp staff to act on parent’s behalf during a medical emergency. The emergency contact(s) listed on this form will be contacted immediately and if necessary, your son will be transported to Riverside Medical Center in Waupaca.

Camp Wilderness has modern flush toilet and private hot shower facilities available to all campers, including Frontiersman Campers. Bring your own towel and toiletries.

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  • Leaders, if you're serving on staff at a camp, get with the comp coordinator. He may have a discount code for you.